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UC Davis Policy Institute: New Peer-Review Exploring the Future of Road Electrification in the United States

A review by the Policy Institute’s Austin Brown, Kelly Fleming and Hannah Safford exploring the available technologies and key challenges for electrification of the transportation sector. Electrification is necessary to fight the current impacts of transportation on climate change, and is possible with current and future technologies, infrastructure and policy.

UC Davis Transportation and Climate Blog: Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Transportation Use: Updates from UC Davis Behavioral Study

By Giovanni Circella and Rosa Dominguez-Faus

Mobility has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. With social distancing and people working from home, travel has decreased significantly. However, as the economy has started to reopen, single-occupant car travel and bicycling have increased, while the use of public transit, ride-hailing, carpools, and shared e-scooters remains low. Read more...

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Climate and transportation policy sequencing in California and Quebec
Mark PurdonJulie WitcoverColin MurphySonya ZiajaMark WinfieldGenevieve GiulianoCharles SéguinColleen KaiserJacques PapyLewis Fulton
Discontinuance Among California’s Electric Vehicle Buyers: Why are Some Consumers Abandoning Electric Vehicles?
Hardman, Scott and Gil Tal
Charging Forward: Deploying Electric Vehicle Infrastructure for Uber and Lyft in California
Alan Jenn
Brief: The Sustainability of Alternative Last-Mile Delivery Strategies
Jaller, Miguel and Anmol Pahwa
Hydrogen Infrastructure Requirements for Zero-Emission Freight Applications in California
Li, GuozhenJoan M. OgdenMarshall Miller
Emissions benefits of electric vehicles in Uber and Lyft ride-hailing services
Alan Jenn
E-commerce, Warehousing and Distribution Facilities in California: A Dynamic Landscape and the Impacts on Disadvantaged Communities
Jaller, MiguelXiaodong QianXiuli Zhang
Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-duty Truck Technology, Markets, and Policy Assessments for California
Burke, AndrewMarshall Miller
Factors Affecting Demand for Plug-in Charging Infrastructure: An Analysis of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Commuters
Tal, GilDebapriya ChakrabortyAlan JennJ.H. LeeDavid S. Bunch
Uncertainty, Innovation, and Infrastructure Credits: Outlook for the Low Carbon Fuel Standard Through 2030
Bushnell, JamesDaniel MazzoneAaron SmithJulie Witcover
Brief: Exploring the Role of Cities in Electrifying Passenger Transportation
Hardman, ScottDahlia GarasJeff AllenJonn AxsenGeorge BeardElisabeth DütschkeNicolò DainaErik FigenbaumPatrick JochemMichael A. NicholasPatrick PlötzNazir RefaBenjamin SovacoolDaniel SperlingFrances SpreiGil Tal

Technology and Fuel Transition Scenarios to Low Greenhouse Gas Futures for Cars and Trucks in California

Lewis FultonMarshall MillerAndrew BurkeQian WangChris Yang
An Examination of the Impact That Electric Vehicle Incentives Have on Consumer Purchase Decisions Over Time
Jenn, Alan, Jae Hyun Lee, Scott Hardman, Gil Tal 


Alternative-Fuel-Vehicle Policy Interactions Increase U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Jenn, Alan, Inês Azevedo, Jeremy J. Michalek

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