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UC Davis Transportation and Climate Blog: No, electric vehicles aren’t driven less than gas cars

March 01, 2021

By Debapriya Chakraborty, Scott Hardman, Seth Karten, Gil Tal

To design the best electric vehicle policies—affecting their sale, manufacturing, and charging—we need to know whether electric vehicles can function as replacements for gasoline vehicles. Addressing this question is controversial and important. Bringing clarity is critical because some interest groups opposed to electric vehicles state that less usage indicates that electric vehicles are an inferior substitute for gasoline cars, and thus not deserving of government support.

UC Davis Transportation and Climate Blog: California’s ZEV Rule a Model, This Time for Korea, With Help From ITS-Davis Researchers

January 13, 2021

By Scott Hardman and Jiyoung Park

Here’s a major policy success of 2020 that probably slipped by most people in the United States: Korea, the sixth-largest producer of automobiles and home to the third-largest automotive group in the world (Hyundai-Kia), successfully implemented its own zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) sales regulation—with help from ITS-Davis researchers.

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