EF/SF Webinar: Trucking logistics: trends and analysis (EF/SF sponsors only)

Event Date

Speaker: Miguel Jaller

This presentation will provide a brief update on the ongoing freight and logistics work related to the   i) impacts of e-commerce on freight patterns and sustainable last-mile logistics,  ii) potential short- and long-term impacts of COVID-19 on consumer behaviors and demand, and  iii) reliability assessment of dynamic eco-routing decisions and policy implications.

 i)  Explores the temporal changes in the concentration of freight facilities, the state of the industrial real estate market, and the dynamics of freight flows of light-heavy, medium-heavy, and heavy-heavy duty trucks. Additionally, the presentation discusses the key findings from those trends in last-mile simulations.

ii) Discusses the changes in retail and grocery shopping behaviors at the National, State, and Sacramento region levels from COVID.

iii) Describes the dynamic eco-routing methodology developed by the team, and provides insights about the reliability of outcomes (e.g., energy, emissions, costs), and potential policy implications.