STEPS+ EVRC Webinar: How Do We Increase Electric Vehicle Adoption Among Priority Populations?

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Online via Zoom

 Priority populations in California have worse transportation access and have adopted electric vehicles (EVs) at lower rates than other communities. In this webinar the research team will present findings from listening sessions in priority population communities and a statewide survey to explore barriers and possible policy interventions to increase EV adoption in these regions. Researchers will discuss the role of education and awareness, incentives, infrastructure, vehicle supply, and battery assurance measures on increasing access to EVs in priority population communities.



Maurissa Brown
Transportation Equity Program Manager at Greenlining Institute
Scott Hardman
Associate Research Faculty and Assistant Director at the Electric Vehicle Research Center at UC Davis

Kelly Hoogland
Ph.D Candidate at UC Davis Electric Vehicle Research Center
Juan C Garcia Sanchez
EV Policy and Equity Manager at UC Davis Electric Vehicle Research Center