3 Revolutions Policy Conference

3 Revolutions Policy Conference

Event Date

UC Davis Conference Center, 550 Alumni Ln, Davis, CA 95616

As automation and new mobility business models rapidly advance into a policy environment not designed for them our window for action is narrowing. These advances could improve choices, expand accessibility, and reduce emissions – but only if we get the policies right. During this transitional time, governments need to provide long-term clarity to hasten the adoption of electrification and shared mobility strategies, and ensure automation meets public objectives.

Key Conference Policy Questions

  • Are Equity, Transit and Pricing linked?
  • How Are New Mobility Business Models Evolving?
  • Governance of Automated Vehicles: Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?
  • Labor Disruption or Labor Opportunity?
  • How will Policies Impact Travel Behavior in a Changing Travel Market?
  • How Can we Rapidly Electrify (and Decarbonize) Transportation?
  • Is there a Balance between Data and Privacy?